RiftMC has been open to the public for nearly two months, and during this time we've been given a lot of suggestions. Well, you said, and we did.

But first, during February:

  • We held a few sales, including the Half-Term sale on our online store, managing to raise over $300 - thanks for your support!
  • Vote party was added
  • Once again, some bugs ironed out
  • New staff members taken onto the team

In the past few days, we've also hit some amazing server goals...

  • Over 10,000 sessions have been recorded on the server
  • There's an average of 40 players on everyday
  • And in total, we have a combined playtime of 1 year! That's 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31,540,000 seconds spent online on the server

You said, and we did; rolling into March, we're bringing a huge update to the server with some of the suggestions you gave us, and a couple other features that have been long in the making. These include:

Player Vault

Quite a common plugin among servers, this allows players to access a remote chest by using the command /pv

Player Shoutouts

Allows a player to get a broadcast with their own message sent to all players - for a price. Perfect for players letting others know about their shops


A feature that has for a long time been listed on the website, but has been malfunctioning for us when we tried to improve it. Well, it should be back this month! Check it out here

Player Market

Struggling for business? Now you'll be able to rent a stall in our custom made player market at spawn! Check it out at /warp Market

Improved Spawn

We've spruced up some other parts of spawn too, including the crates and top players areas

Reworked Crates

Some of the crates have had some prizes edited, fixed, added and removed (including town claims, under popular request)

Custom Enchantments

We have been working on custom enchantments, which will allow players to explore new and exciting powers on their tools, weapons and armour

We're very excited to be releasing these new features to you, and hope that you'll enjoy them. As always, we are open to your suggestions either through the forums page or our Discord server. We are also always accepting staff applications, so if you feel like you could have a real input on our team, head to this page to submit your interest.



- The Administration Team