RiftMC has now been online and public for nearly a month! A short summary of the past few weeks...

  • Official Release, 13th January: hit a peak of 21 players in the first two hours
  • Have ironed out bugs and exploits
  • Over $500 has gone towards the upkeep of the server
  • Currently have over 450 players, with over 100 playing regularly
  • Chest shop plugin is now active
  • Survival shop prices were reworked
  • Our online store has seen two sales, with the addition of some extra perks as well
  • The staff team has been expanded with the addition of: Zenonyte (Moderator), Daltino, SinfulTears, OnyxiaWolfheart (Helpers)

Over the past few weeks we've also had two drop parties, when we've reached the maximum 32 players, having given out a + Rank and Elite Rank. And of course, there was the Release Giveaway, the winners having been announced on our Discord server

Now, looking forward to the upcoming month. To begin with, we will be holding a sale over half term (12th to 16th February) on selected ranks and perks, so be sure to see what we have to offer at that time.

Also this month, we will be holding an event for the first time (also during the half term). We have not yet decided what sort of event this will consist of; we are open to suggestions for what it could be (please do consider the time frame we have - suggestions might be used in the future). Nevertheless, during this time the Event Crate will also be available for opening, keys for it being gained through participating in the event during the five days

Thank you for the support and patience you have given - we look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas

Please send suggestions via Discord or Forums



- The Administration Team