(RiftMC will be releasing today at 5pm GMT/ 12pm EST!)

Welcome to the server website! This server has fan favorite features we’ve all come to know and love including MCMMO, Towny, Jobs, and a few others for an enhanced Minecraft experience.

On top of this we will be doing a giveaway, to enter you must be an active member on the server, discord and forums. The winner is selected at random however, if you wish to increase your chances. You can do this by inviting your friends to the discord. For every +1 player that joins the server (invited by your and is confirmed) I will add your name to the list again.

I wish you all the very best :)

Prize information: (All payments are done through Paypal only)

1st Prize - $100

2nd Prize - $25

3rd Prize - $10

Alongside this, I will also be giving out 1 Mystic Rank, 1 Legend Rank, 3 Master Ranks and a free month trial of Survival World/Edit. Giveaway ends & all prizes will be given on February 1st.

For our opening weekend, there will be a 40% discount on all ranks & keys! Come Monday the sale will be moved to a 20% discount where it will remain until January 20th.

As this is the first time the server will be opened we do expect there to be bugs. We ask you to please report all bugs on our forums under the proper thread, “Bugs & Exploits” rather than exploiting any mistakes made.

If you’d like to join our staff team, applications can be found on the website under the “Apply” tab at the top of the page. Thank you for joining our server. We hope you enjoy your experience on RiftMC!

Contact information:

Email: Admin@RiftMC.Org


- RiftMC